???? EXCEL po Angielsku lub po Francusku w KRAKOWIE lub ONLINE

70 - 80 zł/h
*EXCEL po Angielsku lub po Francusku w KRAKOWIE lub ONLINE (SKYPE)*
Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets

(I also teach French, change "/informatyka" to "/jezyk-francuski" in the URL to learn more)

Hello! If my photo looks familiar to you, it might be because you have seen my other ad on this website, about French conversational classes. www.e-korepetycje .net/laurent/jezyk-francuski (remove the space before .net)
But it occurs I have on other skill: spreadsheets :)

I started playing with Excel when I was just a kid, 20 years ago in the shoe shop of my father. Back then, using a computer was not that common.

All this time I have been *learning* by myself and I started *teaching* Excel in a big corporation, HSBC, in Kraków (you can check my LinkedIn account for details) 5 years ago and started a year ago to teach French as an individual tutor.
I am also a "Google Guide" in my current company, Motorola Solutions, meaning I am helping other colleagues on the use of the G Suite, with a speciality on Google Sheets.

Therefore I am not limited to Microsoft Excel only and actually enjoy more the possibilities of Google Spreadsheets. In general, my lessons are on features and functions that are in most spreadsheet software anyway.

To sum up, choosing me means combining
# Excel skills
# Pedagogical skills
# Improving at the same time your English or French for free :)

I teach on different levels (beginners / intermediate / advanced)
* Basics
* Formulas (basic and advanced)
* Formatting (basic and conditional)
* Pivot tables
* Charts (basic & advanced)
* Data validation
* ...

If you have a specific need, feel free to reach me out as well.

See you on the other side!

+48 788 252 890 (Phone / SMS / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger)
Laurent Alali
Laurent Alali
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