???? Korepetycje Francuski Ojczysty FRENCH NATIVE SPEAKER 77zł

70 - 80 zł/h
*Jestem Francuzem i Francuski jest moim językiem ojczystym*
*Francuski w KRAKOWIE lub ONLINE (SKYPE)*

(I also teach Excel, change "/jezyk-francuski" to "/informatyka" in the URL to learn more)

Bonjour, hello, dzień dobry.

You are learning French at school or with books and feel like you would need to practice? You are totally right, you need to practice oral because *books are just not enough*.

You can call me Laurent/Lorenzo/Wawrzeniec/Lawrence. I offer conversational classes in Kraków, at my place, your place, your workspace, at coffee shops or via Skype, let me know which option you feel the more comfortable.

_Short bio_
I was born in Paris, lived in Normandy and South of France, came to study in Krakow in 2011, fell in love with the city... and with my future wife ;)
Currently working for Motorola Solutions as Marketing Support Coordinator.
You can have a look at my LinkedIn j.mp/linkedin-lorenzo-english

* French: *native* with proper vocabulary and register
* English: *fluent* C2
* Polish: A2
* Spanish: A2

* First half-hour *for free* (so first hour -50% discount)
* 1h, 1h30, 2h, 2h30, 3h, ... as you wish
* Casual, soigné, formal: we can work on any register
* My level of English is quite high, have been speaking this language every single day for the past 5 years of my life and use it a lot professionally
* French for business, francuski biznesu, français des affaires
* My fields: economics, finance, corporate, banking, sales, marketing, webmarketing, social media and customer service
* Detail-oriented, very patient and pedagogical, fun yet serious and pro

_Easiest locations_
* Czerwone Maki
* Korona / Rondo Matecznego
* Kazimierz (Plac Wolnica, Plac Nowy, Stradom)

You can also contact me if you need to translate a document from English to French.

+48 788 252 890

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_e-korepetycj article_
Elity mówią po francusku, 6 kwietnia 2016
http://e-korepetycje .net/artykuly/elity-mowia-po-francusku (remove the space before .net)

If you need to evaluate fast your level, e-korepetycje prepared a small test for you http://www.e-korepetycje. net/test-jezyk-francuski (remove the space before .net)

If you are on a lower level than B2, I can recommend my Polish wife who has a bachelor in roman philology (French), has been working and studying in French in both France and now Poland. She speaks every single day French with me since 5 years:
www.e-korepetycje .net/danutao/jezyk-francuski (remove the space before the .net)
Laurent Alali
Laurent Alali
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