IB Diploma Internal Assessment and Papers Help

50 - 150 zł/h
Hello and welcome. I am a former IB student, I graduated in 2015 with 42 points and 776 in HL subjects, as well as full marks from TOK and Extended Essay. This year, I graduated with a law degree in Scotland. I can help you prepare for your exams, as well as catch up with classes. I also offer extensive and detailed review of any internal assessments and essays. Areas I specialise in are Geography, Polish A, English A, English B and TOK, but I can also offer guidance in the area of History (or any other humanistic subject) and Biology (which was my HL subject) and Spanish (up to level B2). Together, we can work to get you that much dreamt of 7. Polish is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English, so we can speak either.
Weronika Lampricht
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